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Good to Meet You

Great to see you’re looking at Duckwood Marketing and Admin, good to meet you.

I recently heard someone quip, ‘Marketing is where business strategy meets reality.’

It’s an excellent saying and very true. 

But what if you don’t have the marketing skills or the time you need to promote your business successfully?  Or perhaps you just need a report written or a few emails drafted, especially if you struggle with words.

I can help companies to promote themselves through mentoring programmes, where they learn how to manage their own marketing and use their time effectively through regular meetings over several months.

Alternatively, I carry out the marketing tasks myself or with a member of your team in the business.

I work with companies of all shapes and sizes and in many different industries including IT, estate management, accountancy, retail, coaching, and manufacturing.bad-customer-service

I also enjoy working with people who struggle with words but have lots to say!  You don’t have to be a business person to work with me – individuals need me too.

Duckwood is affordable and can carry out both social media and traditional marketing activities – or a combination of both.

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