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Video Transcriptions & Scripts

Are you thinking of having a video made for your company? Great idea!  It’s a growing trend and search engines love it.  It also appeals to lots of people who don’t have the time or inclination to read loads of words.

Why not transcribe the words and golden nuggets of advice you give in the  video so your audience can download it as a PDF to keep for ever?  They will love you for it and never forget you.

Duckwood provides services including video script writing, identifying keywords to be used for good search engine optimisation, transcription, uploading documents to various website, and writing articles relating to the video:

Video Transcriptions and Articles

These are an outline of the various packages to be offered to clients when they have a video made and need to either write an article to accompany it, or require a transcription.

All packages need to assist with SEO and will be written to include keywords.


Identification of the keywords to be used in the video and subsequent articles or transcriptions.

Price from £45

Basic Article Package

A telephone conversation to discuss the article.

A 300 – 500 word article to accompany the video.

Written in the format of Top 10 Tips, Reasons Why, etc. to maximise keyword sand make the article simple to read.

The format would be a Word document or PDF.

Price from £39

Basic Transcription Package

A telephone conversation to discuss the transcription, if required.

A transcription of the video content as a Word document, PDF or format of choice.

Price from £49

Intermediate Package

The Basic Packages, plus:

Uploading the article or transcription to the client’s website, YouTube, any other specialist sites as appropriate.

Price from £65


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