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Simple Social Media

Simple Social Media Programmes

Do you know you need a social media presence?
No idea how to start?
No time to write comments?
No desire to blog but know you need to?

Simply speak to Duckwood and we can do all this for you for only £150 a month – that’s just £37.50 a week – or you can work with Duckwood Marketing and learn to do it yourself.

Simple Social Media Mentoring Programme

Online marketing, often referred to as digital marketing, includes everything you can do online to promote your brand and your business, and build a great reputation, and social media marketing is a major part of this.

Your marketing plan must include social media as one of the key methods of communicating your skills, products and services to your markets.

Duckwood has a Social Media Mentoring Programme in which we assist you with the look and feel of all your online activities, ensuring your brand is consistent, and work with you to give you the skills to work successfully on your online marketing activities

This is how it works:

  • I come to your offices or meet off-site for one day a month, for three months.
  • At the initial meeting I help you to plan your online marketing strategy. This could include a social media strategy and a website specification.
  • At every following meeting I agree the marketing activities to be done for the month. We work together on, for example, writing blogs, website copy, a list of subjects to be covered in your social media activities, writing the comments, and search engine optimisation.

You are then left to complete the work during the rest of the month.

On our return the following month together we review the achievements of the past few weeks, and plan for the next.

Then, once again, we get down to some practical marketing work with you.

Stay on the Right Track with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an incredibly effective way to send your messages to your target market and to boost your reputation, giving you a significant competitive edge. You need to concentrate on an excellent website with accurate information, and then compliment your website with all the other marketing activities relevant to your plan.

Your social media presence will help you to build the relationships with existing and potential clients, and position you as an expert.

You cannot afford to ignore social media. Don’t become distracted; stay on the right track and you will meet your goals.

Working with Duckwood will make sure you have guidance and direction, you are accountable, and you can measure the success of your marketing.

A Programme to Suit You

More Marketing Mentor programmes are in development, so there will be one for your business.

Simply speak to Duckwood Marketing and we can develop a value-for-money programme for your business.


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