Marketing and admin for people and businesses


Duckwood Partners Limited is owned and managed by Gillian Duckworth (formerly Woodland), with the outstanding assistance of her husband.

Gillian began her career as a Personal Assistant in Basingstoke when the IT industrial revolution began in the late 1980s. Gillian soon became part of the support team at DEC for the ground-breaking personal computers, then moved to ComputerVision to work with manufacturing design software.

The bright lights of London beckoned and Gillian went to work for Telecom Gold, a subsidiary of BT. This began a long career of European travel with various organisations, at this time supporting major customers such as Westinghouse and Logica using the exciting new phenomenon of electronic mail.

Rank Xerox UK then asked Gillian to join as a software analyst, using her data communications skills to the full.

After extensive and thorough management skills training, Gillian joined the European Headquarters of the Xerox Corporation as a Business Partnerships Manager. Working in partnership with companies such as Sun Microsystems, Pitney Bowes, IBM, and Bell & Howell, she established mutually beneficial relationships across both western and the newly-emerging eastern European countries.

Moving to the West Country in 2001, Gillian became the Sales and Marketing Manager for an Internet software company. Then the opportunity to work on the Board of a European Union funded IT and telecommunications project arose, which lasted for three years and was outstandingly successful.

Relocating back to her home town of Basingstoke in March 2009, Gillian launched Duckwood Partners Limited. The company provides marketing skills for businesses which do not have any marketing resource, or whose marketing departments need extra help or advice from time to time. They also give advice on marketing strategies, runs great workshops, and do the practical marketing which all companies need.

Duckwood is now firmly established in the South East and South West.

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